Which board categories are most viral?

There are plenty of studies on Pinterest's board categories, but most of them focus only on popularity of different board categories. Popularity does not always correlate with performance. So, we decided to conduct a new study and find out which board categories yield the best repin rate. We looked at a lot of boards that are reasonably successful (have thousands of followers), and calculated their average repin rate per thousand followers. This metric allows us to aggregate data across boards with different audience sizes, and see which board categories are more "viral" than others.

The chart below shows the relative virality of different board categories:

As you can see, the most viral board categories are Education, Animals, DIY_Crafts, and Quotes. These categories are roughly 4 times more viral than Products or Mens Fashion. In other words, pins on an Education board are likely to accumulate 4 times more repins than pins on a Mens Fashion board with the same number of followers.

So... If you don't yet collect pins in one of these top categories, consider starting a new board now!

Happy pinning from BoardBooster!

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