Tracking performance of your Pinterest boards

Pinterest marketers use quite a few metrics to measure their success. There are some great free tools that can help with this:

And yet, BoardBooster users are telling us that even more analytics are needed. The most common request that we get is about tracking performance of individual boards. Serious pinners tend to have a lot of boards. If you are pinning to more than a few boards, it is hard to decide how much you should focus on each board in order to maximize your overall ROI.

Here comes a good news for BoardBooster users: we just added new reports that provide plenty of insights into your board performance:

The first report simply shows the follower growth history for your board or for your entire account:

The second tool shows a list of your active boards that can be sorted by such metrics as the number of new pins added over the last 30 days, and the average number of repins accumulated by those pins. So, you can easily see which of your boards are producing more repins than others:

Finally, you can analyze historical repin rate for your your boards, and correlate it with other metrics such as pinning volume and the total number of repins delivered by the board:
The chart on the bottom is showing how the average repin rate for your pins compares to the average rate for all other contributors. So, if the green line is above the grey line then you are doing better than average.

That's all for today! Please send some feedback on these new tools to Happy pinning!

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